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What sets us apart?

We separate ourselves from others by offering those in and around the Thorsby, AL area, a superior level of customer service. We like to say if you bring us a non-standard problem we can develop a non-standard solution!

Our staff is very knowledgeable about our products and services. Our employees have, on average, eighteen years of experience within this business. In a world that seems to be arguing about race, religion, and politics, we offer superior customer service regardless of who you are or what you believe.

To say “we love our customers”, is an understatement, to us, you’re Family.

Commercial Services

fertilizer spreading truck | Thorsby AL

Fertilizer & Lime Spreading

A fertilizer spreader is used to spread dry granulated fertilizer and powdered agricultural lime. We offer services utilizing a bulk fertilizer and lime spreader truck, as well as towable spreader wagons. Lime is a good soil amendment for acidic soils because it contains a high amount of calcium, which neutralizes the soil’s pH level.

Lime is not lost by leaching, so farmers can apply it whenever practical. Fertilizer is more volatile and requires more timely attention in the application process. Our custom blending and application operation allows us to provide that attention to the farmers. Let us provide you with the exact blend and amount needed for your production needs.

fencing charger repairs | Garrison Farm & Home Center, Thorsby AL

Sprayer Sales, Parts and Customizations

Garrison Farm & Home Center has been in the business of selling and servicing Ag Spray brand agricultural and ATV sprayers for over 20 years. Ag Spray is one of the highest quality sprayers on the market. We work closely with the manufacturer and have become one of Alabama’s largest Ag Spray stocking dealers.

We consider ourselves to be the areas foremost experts on Ag Spray equipment and the many attachments available. Having this much experience working with this manufacturer means we get the best performing sprayers for the best prices. But don’t worry if you already own a different brand of sprayer. We stock an extensive selection of tips, fittings, tanks, pumps, and more to work with other brands of sprayers. Let Garrison Farm & Home Center be your one stop shop for all your spraying needs.

propane refills | Thorsby AL


Let Garrison Farm & Home Center help you keep your flames burning. Running out of propane is never good. Swapping a 20# gas grill cylinder from a cage only gets you an under-filled tank. Because of DOT safety regulations, swap-out tanks are only allowed to be filled to 15#’s not 20#.

Come to our propane refill station and let our licensed professionals at Garrison Farm & Home Center top your tank off the right way. We have on-demand service for 20# – 100# DOT cylinders and drive up service for frame mounted RV tanks.

Did you know that propane cylinders have an expiration date? According to the US Dept. of Transportation regulations, a portable propane cylinder WILL NOT be filled or refilled if the current month is more than 12 years from the manufacture date. After the manufacture date has expired, all DOT propane cylinders must either be recertified or destroyed. We have the solution to that problem.

Garrison Farm & Home Center offers new DOT propane cylinders for sale and ready to fill. For a fee, we also arrange for your old cylinder to be recertified if possible. For those of you in an extreme hurry, we also have a swap-out cage of those under filled 20# gas grill cylinders. So come on down to our store for a quick fill up and get right back to barbecuing or back out to the campground!

animal feed professionals | Garrison Farm & Home Center, Thorsby AL

Animal Nutrition Professionals

At Garrison Farm and Home, we have in-house certified professionals concerning animal nutrition to answer all of your questions. When it comes to feed and diet for your pets and livestock, our professionals have extensive knowledge in the feed industry. We can offer you the help you need. We carry a wide array of feed products for your animals at our store.

For more information about our services, please call 205-646-2666 today!

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